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The KaVo SMARTmatic™ Series: Find out how it stacks up when put to the test

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The KaVo SMARTmatic™ Series: Find out how it stacks up when put to the test

To say that dentistry has come a long way would be an understatement. From 3-D imaging to smarter toothbrushes, technology is revolutionizing the industry and making tools that are more efficient for clinicians and patients alike. Joining the smart technology movement is KaVo’s SMARTmatic series of low-speed handpieces, each of which combines KaVo’s trusted quality with smart features for optimal ease of use and successful clinical outcomes.

Dental Product Shopper (DPS) evaluators tested the SMARTmatic S20 handpiece along with the INTRAmatic™181M Quick Disconnect Air Motor. Made of durable stainless steel, the SMARTmatic S20 features a small head, high-precision ball bearings for smooth operation, plus lightweight design and ideal balance for a fatigue-free experience. This low-speed air handpiece has 1:1 transmission and a maximum operating speed of 40,000 rpm. The 181M motor, which can be sterilized, has a speed range of up to 20,000 rpm, forward/reverse speed adjustment, and an adjustable water spray filter.

Handpiece Ergonomics

One might assume that a smaller head and lightweight design wouldn’t make much difference in the operation. However, evaluators found that the design provided better balance, increased visibility of the treatment area, and less weight strain.

“It rotates very easily and freely, reducing wrist tension,” said Dr. Lance Huthwaite, and Dr. Chiu agreed that “it feels better in my hand.” Other evaluators had similar reactions saying that it reduced the strain on hands and wrists while working, as well as being “lighter than most handpieces and easy to change.”

Ease of Operation

While design is a critical component of any device, if it’s not easy to use and operate, it will cause more hassle than help. That’s why the SMARTmatic is intuitive and simple to operate. Dr. Robert Miller, a DPS evaluator and practioner, was looking for a handpiece that would make it easier to change slow-speed burs and found that the SMARTmatic met his expectations. “[It has] excellent ease of use with push-button bur changing and interchangeable heads,” said Miller. He also described the device as an excellent handpiece that’s “very light but powerful and has outstanding torque.”

Other evaluators agreed with Dr. Miller that the handpiece and motor were easy to use and easy to sterilize. “This handpiece worked well, it felt good in my hand and cut very well,” said Dr. Robert Klein, who rated all features as excellent. Frank Chiu, DDS noted the smoothness of the handpiece’s operation, and Dr. James Cooper added that it offers “smooth turbine with no vibration.”

When Dr. Cynthia Leung was asked what features she found most beneficial, she shared that it was easy to switch handpieces during a procedure; there was less chattering during use and the handpiece is lightweight. She also commented, “The single-piece, stainless steel construction does help facilitate cleaning and sterilization and I like the quick disconnect and smoothness of operation.”

Smooth and Quiet

In addition to the efficiency and design of SMARTmatic S20, evaluators also noticed how quietly it operates. When it comes to noise reduction and other devices, Dr. Miller described SMARTmatic as “extremely quiet for an air powered slow speed.” He even commented that he had to turn off the suction just to make sure the handpiece was still working. Dr. Leung added that the smoothness of the burs created a better experience for patients.

Overall Satisfaction

Featuring lightweight, ergonomic design, durable ball bearings, stainless steel construction, and smooth, balanced operation, SMARTmatic S20 delivers the utmost reliability and smart technology performance for dentists, earning itself a 4.1 from DPS. It’s no surprise that when compared to instruments from other manufacturers, the new SMARTmatic handpieces impress dentists with versatility and efficiency. Calling it “an excellent product,” Dr. Lezell concluded that “it works as well as anything on the market, [and with the] same excellent service as previous models.”


Learn more about how the KaVo SMARTmatic series can help streamline your practice. Visit or contact your local KaVo Kerr rep.

SMARTmatic™ Series
Low-Speed Handpieces Designed for Optimal Use
The SMARTmatic series unites KaVo‘s trusted quality with smart features for optimal ease of use and successful clinical outcomes. SMARTmatic straight and contra-angle handpieces combine excellent conditions with amazing performance, reliability, versatility, and efficiency.
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