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Building Trust with Your Radiation Averse Patients

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Building Trust with Your Radiation Averse Patients

Intraoral Diagnostic Technologies and Radiation-Resistant Rachel

Rachel is a new mom and pregnant again! Making sure her young family gets the best care is a top priority for her.

A caries detection solution that uses no ionizing radiation will be very important to Rachel. She does not want to expose herself or her children to unnecessary radiation, but would also like to make sure her family’s teeth are healthy.

  1. Take some time to introduce Rachel to the philosophy of your practice. Explain how a holistic approach to dental care is top of mind for you and your staff. As such, your practice has invested in the latest technology that is proven to be effective and safe for both adults and children.
  2. Describe DEXIS CariVuTM to Rachel and let her see, or even hold, the device. She will like how the tip is flexible and also how it comes in a size that accommodates her children. Explain how near-infrared light shines out of the tip and allows you and your staff to see inside the tooth, without any radiation.
  3. Explain how CariVu enables the clinician to stay chairside. As there is no risk of radiation to the operator, you and your staff can stay next to Rachel and her children throughout the entire procedure to make sure they are comfortable.

Did you know?

As a non-ionizing diagnostic tool, CariVu is the perfect solution for pregnant women, children, cancer survivors, or anyone that would like to limit their X-ray exposure.


Compact, Portable Caries Detection Device
For more information on advancing the caries detection process in your office, schedule an in-office CariVu consultation with a DEXIS Imaging Expert.
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