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Comfort and image quality converge with Eaglesoft

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Comfort and image quality converge with Eaglesoft

When comfort and image quality converge with your preferred imaging software, your radiographic protocol can just keep improving! Now, the award-winning DEXIS™ Platinum sensor and DEXcam™ 4 HD intraoral camera are available to a those using Eaglesoft imaging software. These dentists are able to use these highly regarded DEXIS products without the burden of switching imaging programs and without conversion of data.

This integration gives dentists the option to keep the imaging software that they are familiar with and also to benefit from PureImage™ Technology that research has proven delivers the sharpest, most highly detailed, and extremely clear images across the widest range of exposure settings, especially at lower doses. DEXIS Platinum excels in visible resolution and contrast to produce clearer results than others in its category.

DEXIS Platinum sensor

Besides the best image quality, your patients can experience the comfort of DEXIS Platinum’s TrueComfort™ design, a smooth casing with rounded corners that 9 out of 10 patients prefer. The PerfectSize™ single-sensor solution enables use for both children and adults, allowing faster procedures without the need to switch between multiple-sized sensors. And with one sensor, there’s less accessories to set up and clean.

DEXCam 4 HD users can give patients a “live video” tour of their mouths while capturing remarkably clear high-definition images. Using the latest in CMOS sensor technology and a precision 7-element glass optical lens, clinicians can utilize the 5 field-of-view levels to enable the capture of clearly focused images from full face to magnified tooth. The intraoral camera’s high-intensity LEDs enable well-illuminated views and images—even in posterior regions—perfect for patient education.


This new integration with Eaglesoft imaging means less “learning curves” — there’s no need to train staff in new imaging software — and that time can be spent more productively with patients or maximizing efficiency in other areas.


Experience the freedom to use the products that are most productive for your practice style! Check out DEXIS hardware for Eaglesoft today!

These expanded DEXIS Platinum and DEXcam 4 HD integration options are available by contacting DEXIS technical support at 888-883-3947, option 1.

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Evidence Document
For more information on these studies, download the “Evidence Document” now!  
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