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Communicating with Your Least Engaged Patient

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Communicating with Your Least Engaged Patient

Intraoral Diagnostic Technologies and Absent Andrew

Let’s be honest, Andrew dislikes going to the dentist. He finds scheduling appointments to be an inconvenience and as long as nothing hurts, he doesn’t believe routine exams are necessary.

Andrew will want to know that using CariVu is fast and can help keep him from needing to come back unexpectedly.

  1. Explain how CariVu gently glides over the top of the teeth and images only need to be taken if there are any concerns. Teeth do not need to be cleaned before or kept drying during the exam. Let him know the procedure can take just 2 or 3 minutes.
  2. Show him any cavities or cracks/fractures that appear and how treating them early can prevent a larger issue later on.
  3. Encourage Andrew to engage in his dental care by also explaining the pain and discomfort he could face by allowing decay to go untreated. For example, you could share this fact with him:

    Did you know?
    Practicing good oral hygiene and having professional deep cleanings done by your dentist can help to lower your blood sugar and aid in preventing diabetes.1
    1Martin, Laura. Diabetes and Your Smile. Mouth Healthy by ADA. 2019


Compact, Portable Caries Detection Device
For more information on advancing the caries detection process in your office, schedule an in-office CariVu consultation with a DEXIS Imaging Expert.
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