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DEXIS™ Titanium by KaVo is SMART team player!

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DEXIS™ Titanium by KaVo is SMART team player!

Your team has all the right characteristics for a successful practice; they are talented, personable, professional, and above all smart. Sometimes it may even seem like your chairside assistant can read your mind, knowing from your gestures and expressions the next step necessary in the treatment process. Like your human assistants, the DEXIS™ Titanium by KaVo sensor is a breakthrough SMART aide in multiple ways.

Imagine if you did not have to take your gloves off, touch the computer or turn away from your patients to initiate X-rays. Well now you can do just that with DEXIS Titanium, the industry’s first motion detection device. It features innovative gesture recognition so you can initiate and capture X-rays without touching your computer. Making a gesture initiates image acquisition within the DEXIS software for a variety of common commands and series.  A new innovative breakthrough workflow for the practitioner.

Concerned about hygiene and contamination during X-rays? DEXIS Titanium’s Gesture Technology enables a simplified workflow with patient hygiene in mind.  Now you can reduce the chances by not having to touch the computer. Instead use these simple SMART moves:

  • A vertical up-and-down motion triggers a vertical bitewing series
  • A horizontal back-and-forth motion triggers a horizontal bitewing series
  • A circular motion launches a full-mouth series
  • A triangular motion will trigger to go back in the series
  • Moving the sensor in a “C” motion triggers to cancel the series






There is a video that shows this:

A SMART USB that alerts you!

Another SMART feature is the LED light on the USB connector indicating connection status with green or red light.  In case of a spike in current, the sensor automatically turns off as an added safety feature. Start X-rays only when the LED light is green indicating all systems are a go.  Both of these provide protection for your patients from unnecessary radiation! Now that’s really SMART!

Just like your smart assistants are your “right hands” in the office, DEXIS Titanium’s SMART features make a more efficient and productive workday even better. DEXIS Titanium is so SMART and cool, you may even want to invite it to the next office party. That would be a nice gesture! 

See DEXIS Titanium’s SMART moves in your own office!

Dr. Laura Dameron shares her thoughts on DEXIS Titanium’s SMART gestures.

DEXIS is a trademark of DEXIS, LLC. KaVo, is a trademark of KaVo Dental Technologies, LLC. Laura Dameron, DDS was compensated by KaVo Dental for her time to evaluate DEXIS Titanium; she has no financial interests in DEXIS or KaVo Kerr. The DEXIS Titanium Indications for Use and the reports regarding performance and handling analysis which substantiate claims in this document can be found here.  KV00491
DEXIS™ Titanium by KaVo
Continuing the legacy of providing the best in intraoral digital imaging, DEXIS Titanium is everything you’ve come to expect from DEXIS innovation and more.
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