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Engaging Your Most Engaged Patient

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Engaging Your Most Engaged Patient

Intraoral Diagnostic Technologies and Dental Hygiene Queen Kathy

Kathy is your gold-star patient. She flosses daily, arrives to all her appointments on time and, of course, with a smile.

Transillumination cavity detection will be interesting to Kathy because she wants to know more about her teeth and how she can take even better care of them.

The best way to communicate with Kathy is to explain the CariVu exam to her live and in detail.

  1. Show her the CariVu device and even let her hold it and feel the flexibility of the tip.
  2. Explain near-infrared transillumination and how CariVu illuminates the tooth from the bottom up, allowing for a precise, 3-dimensional image of her teeth (unlike 2-dimensional X-rays) – with no radiation!

    Image of cavity detected using CariVu

  3. Take a tour of Kathy’s mouth with CariVu and explain what you’re seeing along the way. Describe how the transillumination technology allows bright light to shine through healthy tooth structure while areas of concern trap the light and appear dark.
    Stop periodically to let her ask questions.
  4. Capture any images of questionable areas and go over them in detail with her. Explain your diagnosis and treatment plan and why this device enabled you to see cavities, cracks, and/or fractures early.
  5. Close by letting her know that you are pleased to provide her with this service but that it is not common for all dental offices to have this technology. This should reinforce her belief that she is getting the best care possible at your practice.


Compact, Portable Caries Detection Device
For more information on advancing the caries detection process in your office, schedule an in-office CariVu consultation with a DEXIS Imaging Expert.
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