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A million reasons to be thankful this season!

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A million reasons to be thankful this season!

DEXIS sensor technology has come a long way since we first introduced an intraoral sensor in the early 90’s.  Consistently introducing first to market breakthrough innovation, the DEXIS sensor technology has continually improved in delivering diagnostically relevant images while providing an easy and intuitive user experience.  With TrueComfort™ design, DEXIS remains a comfortable and positive X-ray experience.  The NEW DEXIS™ Titanium by KaVo sensor takes these features to a whole new level! Finally, the sensor we can be thankful for enabling the best patient care.


Have you heard about the industry’s breakthrough SMART Gesture Technology? Well, DEXIS Titanium has a motion detection feature built into the sensor enabling simple gestures to activate software commands without touching the computer. Imagine not having to turn your back to the patient, de-gloving, worrying about cross contamination, or messing with the computer to start capturing X-rays. Once the patient is ready, just make some movements and the software activates saving you multiple mouse clicks. Now you can spend that time with your patients. You have to see this action in your office.




This holiday season as you think about the best gifts for your loved ones, don’t forget about your practice.  Consider the gift of a DEXIS™ Titanium digital intraoral sensor to benefit you, your staff, and your patients long past this holiday season.



Luckily, there are multiple holiday offers that you can take advantage of, but hurry as time is running out. Through December 31, 2018, those in the KaVo Kerr Preferred Loyalty Program receive 25,000 bonus points on DEXIS Titanium. Even better, DEXIS Platinum owners can trade up their working sensor for the new DEXIS Titanium and save thousands! 

Remember to also take advantage of the tax code Section 179 deduction. 

What is the Section 179 deduction of the IRS tax code? This deduction allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment and/or software purchased or financed during the tax year from your gross income. The 2018 deduction limit is $1 million! And, the 2018 Spending cap on equipment purchases is $2.5 million. Even more good news is that while some years a bonus depreciation is not offered, for 2018, there is a first year bonus depreciation of 100%. To qualify for the Section 179 Deduction, the equipment and/or software purchased or financed must be placed into service between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018.


According to the website, “Section 179 is one of the few government incentives available to small businesses, and has been included in many of the recent Stimulus Acts and Congressional Tax Bills. Although large businesses also benefit from Section 179 or Bonus Depreciation, the original target of this legislation was much needed tax relief for small businesses – and millions of small businesses are actually taking action and getting real benefits.”

A CPA or financial advisor should be consulted on proper planning for tax incentives to get the maximum value. Meanwhile, 2018 is coming to an end, so check with your DEXIS and or dealer representatives for additional promotions and special financing. Buy yourself the gift of a DEXIS Titanium by the end of this year and unwrap so many possibilities for better image quality and smoother workflow for many years to come. Get started today!

DEXIS Titanium by KaVo
Continuing the legacy of providing the best in intraoral digital imaging, DEXIS Titanium is everything you’ve come to expect from DEXIS innovation and more.
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