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Everyday Heroes in the Dental Office

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Everyday Heroes in the Dental Office

One of the amazing things about working in the dental industry is that dentists, hygienists, assistants, and front desk personnel have the chance to make a difference in their patients’ lives. Whether it’s improving a smile, helping a patient regain the ability to eat the foods they love or just making an anxious patient feel comfortable, dental professionals have an amazing opportunity to impact their community every day.

In fact, dental professionals will often go one step further than just helping the people who are already on their existing patient lists.  These amazing individuals will often go above and beyond what is required to help someone achieve optimal oral health. They will often assist people in need, whether it’s in an underserved community or even a patient who has financial hardships that have compromised not only their finances but also their oral health.

When a dental professional helps someone in need, or goes beyond what is required, this is the kind of story that should be shared for two reasons. First, let’s face it, we can all use a little more good news in our daily lives. Second, it can inspire other dental professionals to follow in those footsteps and recreate a blueprint to help others in their practice.

KaVo Kerr is launching “Everyday Heroes,” a series of stories about heroes within the dental industry who are making a difference in their cities, states, around the country or even abroad.

“We want to give our customers the ability to nominate someone who has done something extraordinary and pay homage to that act of kindness or generosity,” said Phil Prentice, Vice President of Marketing for KaVo Kerr. “We feel it’s important for people to have the opportunity to not only show how they’ve changed lives through dentistry but also to hopefully inspire others to do the same.”  These stories will be shared in through our Connections newsletter, KaVo Kerr website as well as through social media channels. “We want this program to be engaging and meaningful,” Prentice said. “It is about our readers and what inspires them as dental professionals. If we can create that kind of dialogue with our customers, it has the potential to enrich everyone’s experience."

Those who are honored through the KaVo Kerr Everyday Heroes program can be a dentist or any dental team member. Nominations can be submitted from anyone in the practice or even a patient who has seen his or her life transformed through dentistry.

“There are so many hygienists and assistants who impact their community and make a difference in their patients’ lives. We would love to be able to tell those untold stories as well,” Prentice said. “They are so many things these team members do on a daily basis that should be celebrated. When you do what you love, it shows up in all aspects of your daily life. What we find rewarding is being able to provide dental professionals with the products they trust and the technology that allows them to do dentistry they find rewarding. So many dentists have told me how gratifying it is when a patient with new dental implants can eat an apple again. They’ve told me stories about patients who have regained self-esteem through beautiful dental restorations. We believe our products enable people to help others. That’s what makes this program so great. We can bring to light stories that might not otherwise be told. People truly want to share these kinds of stories. One of our guiding principles is, ‘When customers talk, we listen.’ This is one reason we have launched the Everyday Hero program. We hope it brings forth a wealth of inspiring stories for us to share with our community of dental professionals.”

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