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Fall in Love with Posterior Fillings Again with SonicFill 3

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Written by Dr. Philip Chahine

Fall in Love with Posterior Fillings Again with SonicFill 3

I used to dread afternoons “filled” with inter-proximal fillings. The idea of stacking restorative material 2mm at a time, cure and repeat made my heart sink. It was time consuming and not as enjoyable as other procedures. Then would come the post-op sensitivity complaint… What a drag! Thankfully, the situation changed about 4 years ago when I discovered SonicFill™ Bulk Fill resin composite by KaVo Kerr. I was extremely skeptical at first. How can a bulk fill adapt to the boxes and be cured 5mm at a time? Haven’t we been taught to use flowable composite and 2mm increments for great success and prevent shrinkage? I was given a demo and still was not a believer.


Finally, I decided to give it a try on a one of my patients. What a difference this product has made in my career! Simply put, in combination with a sectional matrix system, SonicFill will allow you to become extremely efficient, increase your speed and deliver an excellent adaptation, lasting marginal integrity, and reduce post-operative sensitivity. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. We have been using this product for over 4 years and I can safely say that we have a significant reduction in post-op sensitivity with our patients compared to the traditional layering method we were using. SonicFill is described by KaVo Kerr as a light-cured, lowshrinkage stress, resin-based, dental restorative material designed for direct placement. SonicFill is extruded through an adjustable sonically activated handpiece. This allows a significant drop in viscosity upon extrusion (84%)*, allowing intimate adaptation of the composite to the cavity walls. When the cavity is filled and the handpiece is deactivated, the viscosity of the restorative resin increases regaining ideal handling properties. The non-sticky, non-slumping nature of the material allows for quick, easy shaping and sculpting. These benefits combined with a high depth of cure and low shrinkage stress allow a technique in which a cavity up to 5mm in depth can be filled and cured in a single bulk increment, hence the single fill concept. You will have adequate working time before the material starts setting. The best part of this system is that you can use your favorite bonding and sectional matrix system. In addition, the use of a flowable composite in the proximal boxes is not a requirement either because the low viscosity of the initial phase of the placement will allow an excellent adaptation to the box.


It is worth noting that SonicFill has somewhat higher translucency than other composites to facilitate a greater depth-of-cure (5 mm). This translucency will show through amalgam tattooing or dark dentin. Therefore, be cognizant of that fact and be ready to place an opaquer or liner as needed.


The Financials of SonicFill

Adopting a new technology usually necessitates a substantial monetary investment and presents a learning curve. It is not quite the case with SonicFill. The initial investment is more than worth it and the gained efficiencies and cost savings are almost immediate and very measurable. You need the handpiece (that’s where half the technology resides) and the MULTIflex Coupler in addition to the unidose tips of composite (the other half of the technology). Although you can use your current coupler and alternate between your high-speed handpiece and SonicFill handpiece as needed, I would recommend getting another attachment in each restorative room. This will avoid having you switch handpieces in the middle of a procedure and allow you to always have your composite ready to go. Again, the biggest benefit of SonicFill is efficiency! Prior to purchasing, it is a great idea to have a conversation with your supply representative about the different introductory kits available or promotions that might be in place at the time of integration into your practice. It is worth noting that you will not be purchasing as much flowable composite since SonicFill has similar adaptation characteristics to the proximal boxes, therefore, this represents a good savings.

Let me demonstrate with a concrete example. Let’s take our average quadrant procedure: #2-MO, #3-MOD, #4-MOD, #5- DO. Most clinicians would cringe at the sight of this procedure in their schedules. In our office, we would have scheduled 90 minutes for this appointment to also allow for hygiene checks.


“We were able to double our production by cutting our procedure time in half.”


Today, we schedule the same procedure for 45 minutes because of the predictability and efficiency that SonicFill provides. In other words, we were able to double our production by cutting our procedure time in half. Remember, chair time is the most valuable asset in your practice and using this product allows you to liberate more chair time for additional production. Hence, we have also found ourselves doing more same day treatment out of hygiene because of the confidence that the ease of use and predictability of doing a Class II filling with SonicFill brings. I️ know, it is hard to believe and I️ used to be one these non-believers until I️ tried it.


Expanded Function Dental Assistant and a Hygienist

I am fortunate enough to live in a state that allows a licensed Expanded Function Dental Assistant (EFDA) to place fillings with SonicFill. Having a team of professionals working together to render the best treatment for the patient is an incredible service to offer because every person can spend proper time with the patient and not be rushed.

This system also allows you to perform multiple procedures at the same time. For example, at our office, we routinely perform a root canal or a crown at the same time as we are doing a quadrant or half mouth of amalgam replacement. The ease of use of SonicFill allows our EFDA to work efficiently by reducing the amount of layers needed for placement and the amount of curing time necessary to complete the filling. This increases the speed of the procedure, even when she works alone.

New technology in dentistry helps create more efficient workflows and simplify procedures. We all know how to place fillings; we just have to change our mindset on the technique we use. Therefore, it is time to grow your practice with an innovative technique and fall in love with placing fillings again.

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SonicFill 3
Introducing new, advanced SonicFill 3, now with improved adaptation and optimized for easier handling, sculptability, and polish. It’s the only sonic-activated bulk fill composite system that helps you craft quality restorations in one efficient step by eliminating the need for a liner or capping layer.
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