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Perfecting your technique for patient-pleasing restorations

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Perfecting your technique for patient-pleasing restorations

Clinical adjunct professor and practicing dentist Dr. Scott Coleman shares his tips and techniques for esthetically pleasing, wear-resistant restorations using Harmonize™ Universal Composite and OptiBond™ Universal Bonding Agent. Read his free e-book for:

  • Step-by-step techniques to improve anterior and posterior restorations
  • Real-world restoration case studies with visual examples
  • Tips on achieving posterior durability and anterior esthetics
  • Perfecting that “chameleon” effect in restorations
  • When to use layered restorative material
  • How to please patients who want new white fillings vs. natural staining

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Harmonize™ Universal Composite & OptiBond™ Universal
See how Harmonize and OptiBond work together to maximize the outcomes of your restorations with increased longevity and patient-pleasing esthetics.
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