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Restoring a Smile in 1 Hour: 90 Second Clinical Digest

KaVo Kerr Connections

Written by Dr. Scott Coleman

Restoring a Smile in 1 Hour: 90 Second Clinical Digest

This case highlights SonicFill™ 2 in creating any buildup or undercut removal required in CAD/CAM restorations where more traditional retentive and resistant forms of preparation are indicated. The patient presented a broken porcelain veneered crown with a buildup material in the crown. The existing post was stable.

The tooth was cleaned and SonicFill™ 2 was used to create a void-free buildup. We then prepped the tooth with a classic 3mm circumferential ferrule beyond the buildup onto natural tooth structure. The tooth was scanned and a crown was manufactured with CAD/CAM. We then seated the crown using Optibond™ XTR and NX3 Nexus™ Dual Cure resin cement. These types of restorations are a routine part of our daily appointment schedule. The ability to use SonicFill™ 2 to efficiently restore posterior teeth and as a buildup material in our office has improved our ability to meet the needs of our time-conscious patients.

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