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SonicFill 3 Wins Doctors Over with Even More Improvements

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SonicFill 3 Wins Doctors Over with Even More Improvements

At KaVo Kerr, we’re constantly asking for feedback from doctors on what they like in our products and what they’d like to see added. So when we introduced our new and advanced SonicFill 3 SingleFillTM Composite System, we wanted to get the product in the hands of doctors, and to hear their reactions.

We were especially interested in hearing what doctors thought of the multiple improvements we made in SonicFill 3’s adaptations, handling, sculpting, and polishing. Our goal with SonicFill 3 was to help doctors reduce the amount of time each patient sits in the chair, while delivering more predictable results and longer-lasting restorations. Did we succeed?

Let’s hear straight from the source.

Better Efficiencies with Bulk-Fill Composite

Doctors seem most excited about SonicFill 3’s new efficiency-enhancing bulk-fill innovation. “It made our fill experience more efficient and faster,” explains Dr. James Merrett.” Dr. Dilip Dudhat seconded that assessment, saying, “It saves time and improves productivity.”

Doctors are finding the bulk-fill feature is particularly helpful in challenging intraoral situations. Dr. Barton Barre explains that for areas with excessive moisture, the bulk-fill efficiencies cut procedure times in half. Dr. Delitha Taylor adds, “It allows me to do quadrant dentistry faster,” and praised SonicFill 3’s ease of use.

When performing quadrant dentistry and multiple restorations, Dr. Padmaha Mutyala also notes the increased efficiencies with SonicFill 3’s bulk-fill feature. “It makes me comfortable to know I can use SonicFill and save chairside time and work efficiently.” Dr. Ryan Willden uses SonicFill 3 to fill more of the filling at one time, and Dr. Charley Cheney praises it as a “quick and easy placement for all interproximal restorations [that] reduced the number of times to reintroduce composite.”

The new bulk fill feature comes especially in handy with younger patients, by reducing the procedure time. “[Bulk fills] allow for quicker placement of the restoration with wiggly pediatric patients,” says Dr. Tim Fagan. “The delivery system and bulk filling save time for patients who cannot tolerate a lengthy appointment,” agrees Dr. Elizabeth Fleming. This makes SonicFill 3 “great for patients with special needs,” adds Dr. Marlo Farion.

Hands Down Easier to Handle

Beyond bulk fill, doctors who tried SonicFill 3 also appreciated the product’s simplified extrusion, easy-to-handle qualities, and high adaptability.

“It goes into the prep creamy and somewhat flowable, and then hardens with a curing light,” describes Dr. Fagan. Dr. Ratner further explains, “The sonic activation allows the composite to flow and adapt to the cavosurface, obviating the need for a flowable base or liner.”

Describing it as easier to sculpt with a better setting time, Dr. Taylor found SonicFill 3 especially helpful for small undercuts and subgingival procedures. “I was able to cure up to 4 mm of depth without problems,” adds Dr. Merret.

Dr. Trupti Nadkami appreciates that SonicFill 3 eliminates previous issues with post-op sensitivity, adaption, and air bubbles in fillings. Dr. Chris Furlan also finds SonicFill 3 “the most adaptable universal composite available” when compared to other popular products.

Doctors find this adaptability makes SonicFill 3 ideal for a variety of restorations, including Class I, II and V as well as for core build-ups. “SonicFill 3 can be used in many ways,” says Dr. Ratner. Adds Dr. Karyn Halpern, “I like the ability to quickly and efficiently place a Class II composite.” Dr. Dudhat says he’s seen great results from using SonicFill 3 in procedures involving post bulk-fill interproximal areas and large occlusal surfaces.

Efficiency Meets Esthetics

The doctors have positive reviews for SonicFill 3’s esthetics as well as its versatility. Dr. Farion praises its “great shade-matching ability,” adding that “it definitely saves time over layering without compromising esthetics.”

“The combination of great cavosurface adaptability, significant depth of cure, and outstanding esthetics eliminates the need for multiple layers of different composites,” says Dr. Craig Ratner. “This translates into a more solid restoration with great esthetics in less time.”

Dr. Furlan echoes the overall reaction from doctors after trying SonicFill 3. “Its durability and natural polish make [SonicFill 3] my restorative material of choice.” Dr. Rodolfo Olmos agrees, explaining, “This great restoration material has given me the opportunity to surprise my patients on a daily basis. I couldn’t see myself using another composite material.”

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SonicFill 3: Try it for Yourself
We want to hear your feedback too. Try SonicFill 3 in your own practice and tell us what you think about its ease of use, bulk-fill efficiencies, adaptability, and esthetics. Learn more and order your free samples now.
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