Caries Detection and Beyond for the Modern Capable Dentist

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Jun 6, 2018
(2:24pm - 2:24pm)
United States
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In this Viva Learning CE webinar, Dr. Lester Appell will discuss how he has incorporated the latest in high-tech equipment to better diagnose dental disease, and how his patients have embraced new technologies, especially in the area of reliable caries detection.

Join him as he examines the impact of high-level caries diagnostics on the practice and patients.

At the end of this CE webinar, attendees should be more aware of: 

  • How new dental technologies helping detect caries at its earliest stages. 
  • How some dental technologies are reducing or eliminating radiation exposure to patients.
  • The use of detection technology in the education of patients and parents of child patients.
  • The part technology can play in building the practice.


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