CBCT Imaging Principles: Live Software Applications

Presented by:
Douglas Chenin
DDS, Clinically Correct


CBCT imaging enhances and changes the way dentists can diagnose and assess patient anatomy. We can look at patient anatomy in 3D and any structure can be cross-sectioned into 2D slices for detailed assessments and measurements. These abilities provide tremendous potential but also create new challenges such as: where to start, what anatomy to look at, how to cross-section the anatomy properly, and what are some foundational imaging principles that can be applied to every case? The goal of this webinar is to clarify some of these questions and to provide an organizational framework by which dentists can approach CBCT scans with a clinically correct method.

Educational Objective:

Upon completion of this CE activity attendee will be able to:

  • Conceptualize the rationale for 3D imaging and how 3D imaging enhances diagnostics beyond 2D imaging.
  • Understand how to asses and visualize patient CBCT data properly in 3D and 2D cross-sections for a variety of clinical applications
  • To see the advantages to the patient and including how much easier it is on them in comfort, cost and longevity

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