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A wise bet. 3D for under $70k. New! KaVo OP™ 3D

September Special Offer

Invest in the New OP 3D from KaVo™ panoramic and CBCT imaging system and receive a free intraoral imaging device for a limited time.


Kerr Dental OptiBond™ Universal & Harmonize Composite

Latest Innovations in Restoratives from Kerr

Infused with Adaptive Response Technology (ART), Harmonize™ helps you achieve lifelike restorations with more ease and simplicity than ever before. The nanoparticle filler network provides better blending capabilities and enhanced structural integrity to ensure your restorations have exceptional strength and unmatched esthetics without compromise. OptiBond™ Universal is a single-component light cure adhesive, providing excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces and substrates for direct and indirect applications.


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