Efficient Workflow with Handheld Portable X-ray Systems

A revolution in the design of dental office space has occurred. It is no longer necessary to have the placement of your x-ray head on the wall dictate your dental office design. The age of cordless portable hand-held x-ray system is now. Handheld Portable X-ray Systems are the best new dental product on the market today. As far back as I can remember, one of the first questions asked about a new office was where to place the X-Ray.

This was always the key to the setup of the treatment room. The X-ray head had to be able to reach the chair. How many times have you had to change the position of the chair or sit the patient upright because the arm would not reach far enough. How many radiographs were ruined because the arm or the head or the patient moved after you left the room to expose the film.

The Handheld Portable X-ray Systems solves all of these problems because it is totally portable! It is a hand held unit so you do not have to change the patient’s position to take an X-ray. This allows you to stay with your patient through the entire X-ray process. No more position the sensor, walk out, expose, walk back and repeat – a lot of wasted motion.

The Handheld Portable X-ray System will serve 2 to 3 treatment rooms and can go anywhere in the office so any room can be an X-ray room. Experience new freedom and efficiency!

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