Advance Your Endo with Apical Negative Pressure Irrigation

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Credits:  1 CEU

This Viva Learning™ CE webinar is designed to present the latest innovation in endodontic irrigation. Endodontic rotary instruments have achieved an extraordinary ability to shape canals but it is the chemical debridement with irrigation that we rely on to truly cleanse the root canal systems. Given that our instruments do not reach the majority of the canal wall surfaces, we now are depending on newer and more innovative techniques and technology to thoroughly irrigate the root canal anatomy while still protecting the periapical tissues. This CE webinar will include discussion on the apical negative pressure technique. Included in the discussion is a specific irrigation device that can be used to effectively deliver apical negative pressure during irrigation.

During this CE webinar, the student will:

  • Learn how important irrigation (chemical debridement) is to the successful outcome of endodontic treatment
  • Learn about the anatomical complexity of the root canal systems we treat
  • Learn about the apical negative pressure irrigation technique and how it minimizes the risks and maximizes the effectiveness of apical irrigation
  • Learn the evidence based support for the apical negative pressure technique as an effective method to improve clinical outcomes
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