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3 Benefits of Investing in an Extended Warranty

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3 Benefits of Investing in an Extended Warranty

A service contract is almost always a smart choice to protect your vital imaging equipment from the high costs of unexpected repairs. It helps maximize your return on your investment and provide piece of mind by simplifying the burden of managing individual contracts into one effortless, stress-free, and organized protection plan.

  1. Confidence in Coverage:  KaVo Kerr extended warranties - now KaVo Complete, provides access to over 225 technical and account associates.  Assistance with all your imaging needs, including equipment trouble shooting.
  2. Accidents Happen, So Be Covered: Imaging equipment is used multiple times a day. Sensors also undergo high usage – moving from one operatory to another, cleaning and disinfecting and undergoing possible damage from dropping.
  • KaVo Complete offers same day replacement* to get you back up and running and minimizes the disruption to your operation
  • Support team sends out a replacement unit as soon as an issue has been reported
  • Single phone number for Technical support for all KaVo Imaging brands [1-888‑ASK‑KAVO]
  1. Budget Management & Controlling Costs: Purchasing sensors, cameras, and large imaging equipment such as a 3D CBCT machine are a large investment for your practice.  KaVo Complete helps to protect your investment and reduce unforeseen costs.
  • Kavo Complete helps to plan your budget and avoid unplanned expenses such as large repair bills or replacement costs
  • Purchasing KaVo Complete for your imaging products provided the benefit of protecting all your imaging equipment under one contract
    • Single Renewal Date
    • Dedicated KaVo Account Manager
    • Monthly payments can be spread across the year to control expense planning and minimize the unknown costs of maintaining your imaging equipment
    • Earn KaVo Kerr Preferred Points that can be redeemed towards numerous KaVo Kerr products or even cash

KaVo Complete helps you to concentrate on your patients, not paperwork. Learn More about the benefits of KaVo Complete.

*Available as part of the KaVo Complete Premier Intraoral Plan  (KKGI-SLA-104 Rev AKKGI-SLA-104 Rev A)


Call 1-888‑ASK‑KAVO to speak with a KaVo product expert
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