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Every high performance office has some bumps along the way

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Every high performance office has some bumps along the way

When practices use sensors all day, every day, sometimes they experience some impact — like bumps against cabinets, drops on the floor, roll over with stools, or knocks against other equipment leading to equipment failure and downtime. DEXIS Titanium is a big hit with dentists who want the latest in SMART technology that is designed to reduce failure. The inevitable impact against hard surfaces is why the new breakthrough DEXIS™ Titanium by KaVo intraoral sensor was designed, engineered, and tested to withstand impact - to eliminate the pain points around failure of hardware.  DEXIS engineers designed and thoroughly tested all components for strength and longevity, both internally and externally. We are so confident in the durability of this remarkable sensor, that we now offer an unconditional replacement warranty.

The housing for DEXIS Titanium was designed to gain additional tensile strength. It is created with a highly engineered thermoplastic resin, such as that used in the aerospace industry; which stands up to heavy physical use as well as a wide variety of disinfectant chemicals. And, if a patient bites on the sensor, these advanced housing materials compensate for the amount of bite force.

Tough, durable housing

Even the sensor cable was designed to withstand biting, twisting, tugging, plus drag and tangling which is a normal part of a busy workday. Also a feat of engineering excellence, the inner protective shield is created from tinned soft copper alloy, and Kevlar-reinforced fill protects the inner power cables.  This preventing the kinks and twists that can impede signal performance. Thanks to these skilled engineering efforts, during extensive testing, the cable withstood being flexed more than 100,000 times and still maintained image signal and strength which means the X-ray images are intact!

Resilient design protects image signal

Another reason this sensor is so popular is that it has great connections! The resilient cable-to-USB connection includes a new short circuit protection feature.  The cable’s external jacket extends over and is welded to the USB housing to combat separation. The connector also has a higher capacity for more smooth insertions for reliable portability.

Strongly built USB

Durability of the sensor holders is equally important as breakage can also stop your workflow.  The DEXIS Titanium sensor holders are custom designed and made of the same tough thermoplastic resin as the sensor housing.  That enables then to withstand heavy autoclaving and disinfection. The design also plays a big role in protecting the sensor. These are designed to have a protective covering for the sensor-to-cable connection to ensure a strong signal in turn protecting image quality.

Sturdy, protective biteblocks

While it’s always best to treat your sensors and holders kindly; DEXIS understands in a busy and bustling office, bumps, drops, and hard knocks are inevitable. DEXIS Titanium is ready to meet these demands with tested materials to maintain performance even in the busiest practices. DEXIS engineers understand that sensors need to be built to withstand some physical big hits, heavy use, and stress.  Durability of the sensor can impact signal performance and thus image quality.  A reliable sensor performance is critical to any practice’s imaging needs and impacts your diagnostic capabilities.


Let us show you just how tough DEXIS Titanium is!  Contact us now. 


DEXIS is a trademark of DEXIS, LLC. KaVo, is a trademark of KaVo Dental Technologies, LLC. The DEXIS Titanium Indications for Use and the reports regarding performance and handling analysis which substantiate claims in this document can be found here
DEXIS Titanium by KaVo
Continuing the legacy of providing the best in intraoral digital imaging, DEXIS Titanium is everything you’ve come to expect from DEXIS innovation and more.
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