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KaVo NOMAD™ Pro 2: Moving handheld X-ray technology forward

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KaVo NOMAD™ Pro 2: Moving handheld X-ray technology forward

The NOMAD Pro 2, now part of the trusted brand of KaVo, provides reliability and efficiency for busy dental offices as well as powerful freedom in workflow that is unattainable with wall-mount units. While the unit allows for the operator to move freely between operatories, it also helps with fearful or challenging patients since the assistant can stay in the room during the radiographic process.

The most succinct diagnosis starts with the best image quality. NOMAD Pro 2 utilizes the latest in X-ray technology for precise, repeatable exposures that help to produce sharp, clear radiographic images. And the best part is that all of the benefits of this handheld unit can be attained with an eye on ALARA. With its intuitive user interface, the team member can select the right dose for each patient’s particular need.

The unique, lead-infused acrylic shield protects the operator from direct and scatter radiation, and the internal proprietary housing encases the X-ray tube to block radiation leakage. When the KaVo NOMAD Pro 2 is used as directed, these shields create a “safe zone” for the operator throughout the acquisition process.

KaVo NOMAD Pro 2: Handheld X-ray System

Besides all of these benefits, with NOMAD Pro 2, there may be less retakes due to X-ray head drift or patient movement when you leave the room. Its ergonomic design includes a handle base that is more stable in your palm. The unit is more balanced, and the system is easily cradled to quickly make setting adjustments and changes in sensor position.

Christopher Hoffpauir, DDS, of Winning Smiles Family Dentistry in Alvin, Texas and founder of The Business of Dentistry and Dental Hub 360 invested in NOMAD technology nearly five years ago. He says, “We use NOMAD for all intraoral images. My team really enjoys the flexibility when taking an FMX. It’s portable, safe, and it was less expensive to get one NOMAD versus two wall units and two pass-through cabinets. In short, the NOMAD just makes sense for the way I practice.”

Ana Fernandez, RDH, from Dr. Hoffpauir’s practice, has used multiple wall-mounted X-ray devices during her 7 years as a hygienist. However, for the past 2 years, she’s been using NOMAD. Ana remarks, “I love the NOMAD! It makes it so easy to take X-rays. I can easily position it, and don’t have to worry about a drifting X-ray head,” referring to the movement that can happen with wall-mounted units.

Proudly assembled in the USA, NOMAD also has the distinction of being the first handheld X-ray on the market. Over the years, the company continues to update this technology to give dentists the freedom and the features they need, with the award-winning quality that they have come to expect from NOMAD.


KaVo NOMAD Pro 2
The KaVo NOMAD PRO 2 handheld X-ray system is a dental X-ray unit that has revolutionized the way intraoral X-rays are taken. Its shielded, portable design enables operators to stay in the room while taking X-rays, making it possible for the image acquisition process to be faster, more efficient, and more enjoyable to both dental professionals and patients.
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