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Seeing is Believing - Seeing in “Hi-Def” Lends Confidence to that Belief

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Seeing is Believing - Seeing in “Hi-Def” Lends Confidence to that Belief

Dentists have employed intra-oral cameras since the late 1980s. The “new” cameras were housed on carts with bulky monitors and specialized printers, and they could cost up to $40,000.1 When a photo was needed, the clinician would wheel the cumbersome system into the operatory dragging along the cords that powered the unit. These cameras were the “it” technology back then—after all, this was the era of brick-sized, exceedingly expensive cell phones. Who could have guessed that within 20 years, successive generations of cameras would be so small, efficient, and affordable—and deliver resolution at levels that had yet to exist.

It was in these early years that those dentists using intra-oral cameras began to find that incorporating them was better for the patient in terms of education, better for the practice because of case increased acceptance,1 and better for gaining payment on insurance claims which benefited all parties.

In recent years, dentists and practice management consultants continue to tout the use of intra-oral cameras as being beneficial for the dental practice. Patti Scharf, RDH, Advisor for Jameson Dental Management states, “Utilizing intra-oral cameras and setting protocols for their use can improve treatment acceptance.”2

Practicing dentist and author Randy Shoup, DDS relays, “Clinicians need to help the patients ‘take ownership in the disease process’ as part of proposed treatment acceptance. No tool is more effective in creating the appropriate ownership attitude than an intra-oral camera.”3

Today, there’s a myriad of dental camera choices on the market just like there’s all kind of cell phones with cameras. But cell phone cameras with high-definition are the clear winners4. After all, no one wants to go backward in their technology! A picture here is clearly worth a thousand words. If a patient can clearly see their condition of their oral health in high detial, it has a tremendous impact on them. To that end, KaVo™ offers the DEXIS™ DEXcam™ 4 HD that ranks among the highest definition cameras available today.

With this extraordinary camera, dentists and their teams can create immediate visual impact with highly detailed, extremely crisp, true-to-color photos, which remain clear even when enlarged. And since most patients are visual learners, these “show and tell” images and videos from DEXcam 4 HD aid not only in education, but also can help in gaining treatment acceptance.

From remarkable image quality and award-winning hardware to dedicated training and knowledgeable support, DEXIS strives to boost confidence in the systems and images dentists use daily to diagnose, educate, and treat their patients. 

For early detection and accurate representation of dental conditions, an intra-oral camera is essential to delivering optimum quality of care. DEXcam™ 4 HD yields remarkably clear and focused images in real-time that are crucial for diagnosis and for fully documenting your patients’ overall oral health.
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