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We think DEXIS Titanium is the Greatest, So We Made This Promise

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We think DEXIS Titanium is the Greatest, So We Made This Promise

Team DEXIS is confident in the excellence of the DEXIS Titanium™ intraoral sensor by KaVo. We can’t wait to tell dentists about all its SMART technologies (like gesture recognition), and tout its image quality. The bottom line is we believe this is the best SMART digital X-ray sensor that every practice should have. Our confidence in the product is further reinforced by a brand - new unique unconditional warranty unlike any other we have offered before. This is the DEXIS Promise, supporting you and your practice needs by standing behind our products and services.

Why the DEXIS Promise? Because the DEXIS Titanium is developed with a legacy of engineering experience, skill, and testing. This is what we know:

  • DEXIS Titanium is engineered to eliminate the pain points around failure of hardware.
  • All components are thoroughly tested for strength and longevity.
  • The unique unconditional replacement covered under the manufacturer’s warranty for the first year, DEXcare, continues under KaVo Complete Premier for the life of the product.

Included with your DEXcare, now KaVo Complete Premier coverage for DEXIS Titanium: 

  • Unconditional sensor replacement. That’s right, unconditional! We stand behind the performance of DEXIS Titanium.
  • No charge next business day replacement to get you back running as quickly as possible.
  • Unlimited technical phone support with extended hours that are convenient for you no matter where you are.
  • Unlimited online live remote assistance, so we actually see what you’re seeing and can help resolve issues quicker.
  • Software updates to keep you up-to-date with new features and functionalities.
  • Access to online training so that you and your team get the most out of your system.
  • Discount on onsite technical support should you ever need it.


We realize that no equipment is perfect, but we can get as close as possible! Through research and development, engineering, and rigorous testing, we built a foundation of durability for DEXIS Titanium and believe in its benefits to the dental office. But, on the rare occasions when help is needed, this plan will provide unparalleled protection for your sensor and all of your DEXIS imaging equipment. We know excellence when we see it (and make it). We appreciate your trust in our product and will be there if you need us. We promise.

DEXIS Titanium - Warranty

Let us show you why we offer the DEXIS Promise for DEXIS Titanium — contact us today

Dr. Scott Allman talks about his experience with DEXIS support in this video clip.

DEXIS is a trademark of DEXIS, LLC. KaVo, is a trademark of KaVo Dental Technologies, LLC. Dr. Scott Allman was compensated by KaVo Dental for his time to evaluate DEXIS Titanium; he has no financial interests in DEXIS or KaVo Kerr. The DEXIS Titanium Indications for Use and the reports regarding performance and handling analysis which substantiate claims in this document can be found at KV00494
DEXIS Titanium by KaVo
Continuing the legacy of providing the best in intraoral digital imaging, DEXIS Titanium is everything you’ve come to expect from DEXIS innovation and more.
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