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What would you do with $100K of KaVo?

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What would you do with $100K of KaVo?

Last year we celebrated the launch of our new expanded KaVo product portfolio. We entered into the imaging arena and began offering state-of-the-art treatment units under the KaVo name. With news this big, we needed an equally big promotion to do it justice. We created an unprecedented sweepstakes called “100K of KaVo.” This sweepstakes offered dental practices in North America a chance to win $100,000 worth of KaVo products. We wanted to provide one dental practice the KaVo operatory of their dreams. Today, we’re proud to announce the winner of our grand prize, Dr. Ryan McCall, of McCall Family Dentistry in Geneva, Illinois.

The father-and-son team of Drs. James and Ryan McCall have decades of experience between them, and they have been building a reputation for quality dental care in Geneva for over 40 years. They are a general dentistry practice that offers a wide range of services from preventative dental care and restorative procedures to implants and more.Their office manager, Sarah, entered both Dr. Ryan and his father Dr. Jim in the sweepstakes. “They have become family over the many years,” says Sarah. Little did she know that simple act would result in the practice winning $100,000 worth of KaVo products.

Even more incredible is the timing. Drs. Ryan and Jim began work on plans to expand their practice into the empty space next door and add two new operatories.“When we heard that we won the $100K sweepstakes, I was in complete disbelief until the KaVo team walked through our door,” said Dr. McCall. “This truly couldn't have come at a better time for us, since we will be expanding our office in the Spring to accommodate our growing patient-base and growing team. KaVo has an amazing product line, and this generous prize is going to allow us to bring some of the highest-end technology to our patients in a beautiful new space- we can't wait!"

Earlier this month, members from the KaVo team visited McCall Family Dentistry to discuss how best to spend their winnings. “It’s very rewarding and quite a privilege to have been able to present this award to Dr. Ryan and his team. They are a wonderful group who truly embodies the warmth and hospitality synonymous with people from the heartland. I can imagine how their patients appreciate the care and dedication this dental practice provides,” says Kyle Hansen, KaVo Kerr Campaign Manager. “We can’t wait to see what they choose and visit after the construction is complete.”

Congratulations again to McCall Family Dentistry.


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