Caring for Emergency Dental Patients While Protecting Yourself

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In this webinar, Dr. Brett Gilbert will cover:

  • Practicing Endodontics Under New Guidelines
  • Incorporating Proper Infection Prevention Protocols and Requirements
  • Managing PPE
  • Leading Our Teams with a Hands-On Approach
  • Instrument Reprocessing Workflow

Access the forms* presented during the event: 

*These forms are intended to suggest a means of communicating the risks of emergency dental treatment to a patient undergoing such treatment. They are neither intended to be comprehensive in scope, nor to specify how the risks are to be mitigated. It is the dental office’s responsibility to comply with the then current state and local laws governing infection prevention, and to consider the guidance of the American Dental Association and other dental professional organizations in doing so. Additionally, the dental office should periodically review these forms to determine if they need to be updated or revised to reflect changes in the standard of care for dental patients and safeguards and precautions recommended for dental professionals. Dental professionals should review and follow the Instructions For Use for the products used in infection prevention activities.  Dental offices should consider the specifics of their office and their patient population when planning and carrying out infection prevention activities.  Kavo Kerr is a medical device manufacturer and does not provide medical or legal advice.

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