Cutting Edge Composite Restorations

Mar 8, 2019
(7:00am - 6:32pm)
The Baronette Renaissance Detroit-Novi Hotel
27790 Novi Road
Novi, MI 48377
United States
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Course Description
In today’s busy general practice the most used materials are composites for direct restorations. The evolution of that category of materials is amazing, todays composites are light years ahead of the materials that we thought were great 20 years ago. The changes in the translucency and in the ability to match the existing tooth color are a major advancement.  This course is designed to for the busy dentist who wants to stay current with the available materials and concepts of tooth colored restorations.
We will discuss what matters most in composite selection , depending upon location and occlusal load placed on the restoration. Materials and procedures for placement of the composites that will eliminate post-operative sensitivity, will be addressed. The current state of resin bonding agents and the protocol for utilizing these materials in your day to day practice, not only for composite placement but for all of your bonded restorations will be covered.

Learning Objectives
- Understand the current materials and capabilities of composites
- Know what composite materials are available and the limitations of each
- Understand the current generation of bonding agents

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