Cutting-Edge Composites — Placing Predictable Posterior Restorations and Mastering Anterior Esthetics

Presented by:
Oct 24, 2018
(8:00am - 3:00pm)
St. Luke's OMS
2319 S. Cedar Crest Blvd
Allentown, PA 18103
United States
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Course Description
Understanding how to successfully attract and treat more complex
restorative cases in your practice. As Dentists we have become experts
in diagnosis and treatment planning, but unless you know how to
attract more complex restorative patients to your practice, your talents
are being wasted. In this course Dr. Harris will teach his six step process
to double the number of cosmetic leads to your practice in 90 days. You
will also learn how to achieve predictable clinical results and esthetics
by using the latest techniques and materials in dentistry.

Course Objectives
Social Proof: Social Proof is driving your patients buying decisions. Learn how to use social media and your website to position yourself as an expert and increase your complex restorative leads.
The Virtual Consult: The fastest way to build trust and attract new patients is by offering personalized recorded virtual consults. Dr. Harris will introduce this concept and explain how to implement it into both the general and specialty practice setting. From Lead to Life Long Patient: Leads are great, but a conversion strategy is key. Learn how to use the same day composite mock up (Smile Test Drive) to increase patient case acceptance. Start ASKING and SHOWING and stop TELLING.

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