Cutting Edge Technology With Digital Design & Real World Cosmetic Dentistry

Presented by:
Joyce Bassett
Mar 9, 2018
(8:30am - 4:00pm)
Pacific Dental Conference
1505 West 2nd Ave
Ste 305
Vancouver, V6H3Y4
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This presentation will explore state of the art real-time digital design and link 3D prosthetic planning with fundamental smile design principles Learn how to evaluate critical parameters to prevent problems prior to their occurrence from diagnosis to wax up and final fabrication of the ceramics. The goal is to decrease dentist chair time and decrease ceramic remakes. Systemized techniques will be presented to treat every aspect from simple to complex cases involving veneers, crowns and implant restorations. There are no unintended consequences, only things that were not well thought out.

Learning Objectives:1. Knowledge of real-time digital smile design for both provisionals and porcelain2. Understanding distinctive steps to identify and address difficult clinical situations3. Systemized techniques to treat simple to complex cases with veneers, crowns and implants


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