Sealing the Root Canal System: The Continuous Wave of Condensation

CE Credits : 1 CEU

Debridement and disinfection of the root canal system is of paramount importance in order to achieve the biologic imperative of root canal treatment; that being to eliminate and/or prevent apical periodontitis. Once the smear layer and biofilm is removed, the root canal system must be obturated in three dimensions to prevent leakage then subsequently restored to bring the tooth back into normal function.

This Viva Learning™ CE webinar will focus on evidence based research on sealing the root canal system with respect to obturation in three dimensions and restoration of the endodontically treated tooth. Focus will be on the Continuous Wave of Condensation.

Upon completion of this CE webinar , the student will be able to:
• understand the objectives of endodontic obturation
• become familiar with the Continuous Wave of Condensation
• implement the Continuous Wave of Condensation in your practice
• understand the importance of the post endodontic restoration  

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