Infection Control in Dentistry

Two brands join forces to protect practices, practitioners and patients.

The new chapter in the “How To…” campaign focusses on “How to Protect what matter”. It sees KaVo and Kerr work together to support dentists in meeting locally or internationally recognised standards for cross infection control in dentistry. With no overcomplications nor lengthy procedures.

Keeping a dental practice running smoothly is a difficult task which can only be managed efficiently with products designed to help you. Time is limited, budgets are tight and standards must be kept high.

Particularly critical is the management of cross infection control tasks. Every element in the practice represents a ring of the so called “chain of infection”: if one is infected it can contaminated all the others.

KaVo and Kerr offer dentists many proven and easy-to-adopt solutions to keep the dental practice safe and help break this “chain of infection”. Through the “How To…” resources - including a comprehensive video, guide and website information - they showcase their range aimed at supporting practitioners during critical infection control phases, including:

  • worry-free dental chair maintenance through the automated hygiene processes integrated in the KaVo ESTETICA™ E70/E80 Vision.
  • smooth and simple reprocessing, with solutions such as EmPower™ Fragrance Free and the PeelVue+™ sterilisation processes by Kerr.
  • prompt and effective patient turnover with convenient cleaning and disposable items, such as Kerr CaviWipes™ 3-in-1 cleaning, disinfecting and decontaminating towelettes.
  • instrument maintenance with the KaVo SMARTmatic serie of handpieces and QUATTROcare PLUS

“With just a few minutes to turn the operatory around between patients, practice staff want to do what’s best for the patients, while protecting the reputation and health of the practice”, says Catherine Stahl, Vice President Marketing EMEA at KaVo Kerr.

“With fast, easy, and effective solutions, we as KaVo Kerr help cover all the critical areas of infection prevention and protection, so that practitioners can focus on what matters most—taking care of patients. KaVo and Kerr dental consumables, instruments, handpieces, devices and equipment respect the highest standard on the market to guarantee the safety you're looking for.”

For more information, please visit the website or look out for the “How To…” logo on our KaVo and Kerr products to identify our recommended solutions for effective infection control procedures!


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