Endodontic Solutions: Scientifically Based Strategies for Performing Endodontic Treatment Predictably, Profitably and Painlessly

Mar 23, 2018
(8:00am - 2:00pm)
Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites St. Catherines
327 Ontario Street
Catharines, L2R5L3
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Course Synopsis:

This course addresses breakthrough concepts and details the skills necessary for acquiring the expertise and confidence to perform the highest quality endodontics. As a participant in our program, you will become familiar with the use of the “apex last” approach to canal shaping with nickel-titanium instrumentation using the The  Adaptive Rotary NiTi File System and the latest innovation in NiTi technology, using Controlled Memory. These innovative “shaping systems” will present the Scientific Evidence illustrating the superior flexibility, safety and efficacy of these file systems based on design and the way in which they are manufactured. Also presented will be how the revolutionary Elements motor in TF Adaptive mode will “direct” the file to either rotate or reciprocate based on file load in the canal. The continuous feedback loop from the file to the motor will allow the movement of the file to self-adjust based on intracanal torsional stresses. The scientific evidence will show how this NiTi system provides a file that has an increased resistance to cyclic fatigue and will evacuate debris coronally and not apically through the apex thereby providing the patient with less post-operative pain more than any other NiTi system available on the market. This allows the file to enjoy the advantages of Rotary and Reciprocation and minimize the disadvantages of both. Rotary when you want it, Reciprocation when you need it.

Also to be discussed will be predictable and safe irrigation protocols using Passive Ultrasonic Irrigation and Apical Negative Pressure utilizing the EndoVac™ Pure irrigation system. Vertical condensation of thermo-softened gutta percha using The Continuous Wave of vertical condensation utilizing a new inovative Cordless Obturation System will also be discussed.


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