Gregory Gillespie


As a graduate of the University of Washington, School of Dentistry, Dr. Gillespie approaches dentistry in a progressive, yet conservative manner. He is well known for his personal and approachable style, making communication open and easy. Dr. Gillespie knows success in dentistry always stems from clarity and effectiveness of communication with colleagues, staff, and patients. His vision of comprehensive dentistry focuses on effective treatment planning and utilizing the best dental materials available. Dr. Gillespie’s enthusiasm in the field is contagious. Such attributes have aided his work as a consultant in product development for Henry Schein’s patient education software, GURU.

Dr. Gillespie practices full time at Gillespie Dentistry in Vancouver, Washington where he places a strong emphasis on implant dentistry. He was involved with extensive implant research at the University of Washington and is passionate about continuing education in implant dentistry. Currently, Dr. Gillespie works with WhiteCap Institute where he mentors general dentists on implant placement, grafting, occlusion, and esthetic implant restorations.

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