Leveraging a New World of Diagnostics: Utilizing Transillumination Technology for Immediate Application in Your Practice

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Radiographs and explorers have been used for many years to aid in the diagnostics of caries; however, we know that new methodologies do exist that can help us to achieve an enhanced level of diagnostics in respect to certain types of decay. This CE webinar will take a detailed look at the world of near-infrared transillumination and how a simple handheld technology can be utilized on pediatric through adult patients to diagnose the presence and specific location of caries and fractures—even in their earliest stages.

Learn how to effectively read transillumination images through case by case examples for immediate application in your practices. By diagnosing issues early, preventive strategies can be utilized to decrease the need for surgical intervention. At the same time, if a determination is made to surgically intervene, preparation size can be kept to a minimum—saving tooth structure for your patients.  

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