Maximized Adhesive Dentistry: The Foundational Posterior Course

Presented by:
Mar 16, 2018
(8:30am - 5:00pm)
LSU School of Dentistry
1100 Florida Ave
Ste 4319
New Orleans, LA 70119
United States
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This hands-on course provides you with the tools, materials, and techniques of adhesive dentistry so you can create durable, predictable, and esthetic restorations. The practical techniques you learn in this course will enable you to offer your patient cost-effective restorative solutions.

Learning Objectives
After completing this hands-on program, participants should have a better working knowledge of:

  • All essential products and steps to maximize bonding
  • What bonding agents to use and to avoid and why
  • Preventing brown lines and sensitivity with confidence
  • Molded injection direct composite bonding
  • Must-have matrix systems to build whole tooth composites
  • Maximized cementation of porcelain restorations
  • Use of photography to triage treatment and build trust
  • Building teeth from the inside out for maximum tooth longevity

You will do the following in the hands-on direct composite workshop:

  • Step-by-step bonding protocol from tooth cleaning to finishing
  • Fabrication of simple and complex posterior
  • Composite restorations, including essential matrix systems
  • Polishing techniques to high shine restorations

Topics covered in this program include:

  • Durable direct composites
  • Predictable composites
  • Bonding agents: what to choose, what not to choose
  • Polishing systems that create routine high shine
  • Cementation system
  • Composite matrices
  • Immediate extraction temporization



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