Morning Session: Endo Technology: What's In/Out, Dull/Sharp, Cold/Hot? Afternoon Session: Excellent and Efficient Endodontic Care: Invest in Your Future

Presented by:
Mar 23, 2018
(8:00am - 5:00pm)
Hinman Dental Society
33 Lenox Point NE
Atlanta, GA 30324
United States
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Invest in the future with the new endodontic technology of negative
apical pressure irrigation, rotary/reciprocation adaptive
instrumentation, and continuous wave obturation to provide efficient
and excellent care for patients. After the course, the attendee will be
able to: demonstrate the different techniques of negative apical
pressure irrigation, list the steps of rotary/reciprocation adaptive
instrumentation and describe the different delivery procedures for
continuous wave obturation.


Which tooth is it? How do I get the patient numb? What is the best
restoration after endodontic treatment? Which pain medication and
antibiotics are best? At the conclusion of this course, the attendee will
be able to: list the 15 steps of diagnosis with emphasis on medical
history, dental history and radiographs; outline use of percussion,
biting pressure, and palpation; describe the difference between
CO2 ice, Endo ice and H2O ice; understand the criteria for endodontic
treatment vs. extraction; outline the progression of local anesthetics,
access, and isolation; understand restoration with fiber posts; and
identify the correct pain medications and use of antibiotics.

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