KaVo Kerr announces KaVo’s new PROPHYflex™ 4 Air Polishing Device

Two treatment functions. One streamlined Handpiece.

Brea, CA. - KaVo Kerr is excited to announce the fully upgraded PROPHYflex™ 4 Portable Air Cleaning Device for removal of stains, bacterial plaque, and cleaning of enamel surfaces prior to fissure sealing. With its improved ergonomics, efficiency, and versatility, the PROPHYflex™ 4 provides dental hygienist with a simpler and more effective way to polish teeth, both above and below the gum line, compared to earlier models.

Its three adjustable pressure settings make supragingival cleaning a breeze and give hygienist more control over cleaning performance, from a gentle powder-free setting to more precise cleaning. The narrow shape of the cannula and minimized mist formation also gives way to enhanced visibility, less mess, and better preservation of the tooth structure.

For subgingival treatment and more precision of pocket areas, PROPHYflex™ 4 is designed with individually adjustable hand pieces and an optional Perio Kit that delivers optimized pressure—a feature that is also ideal for cleaning of bridges, implants and crowns.

Whether you’re working in subgingival or supragingival regions, or accessing hard-to-reach spots, the PROPHYflex™ 4 ensures a more ergonomic and comfortable working experience. Its ultra-lightweight, balanced handpiece, adjustable length, and 360° rotation grip sleeve adjusts to fit your needs so that polishing procedures can be completed with ease.


For more information on KaVo’s PROPHYflex™ 4, or to request a demo, visit www.kavo.com


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