NOMAD™ patent protection remains intact as U.S. District Court orders injunction on MaxRay infringing product

Backed by multiple patents, the NOMAD handheld x-ray system design remains protected as the United States District Court, Central District of California prohibits Dexcowin from importing infringing product MaxRay into the United States of America.

Charlotte, NC – September 28, 2017 - KaVo Kerr and its affiliate Aribex™, the manufacturer of the Nomad handheld x-ray device, are pleased to announce an agreement with DEXCOWIN, manufacturer of the Maxray products, to settle patent infringement litigation between Dexcowin and Aribex. On June 7, 2017, the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California granted Aribex’s motion for summary judgment concluding that the Dexcowin Maxray products infringe at least one claim of Aribex’s patents. The court also denied Dexcowin’s motion for summary judgment to declare the patents invalid. Subsequently, Dexcowin and Aribex reached a settlement agreement whereby Dexcowin agreed to withdraw the accused products from the market.

Jeff Kappler, Vice President, Intraoral Imaging, commented: “We were pleased with the Court’s ruling and the subsequent agreement, which reflect the strength and depth of our patent portfolio protecting the unique design of the Nomad product line. Given the excellent clinical performance of the Nomad x-ray product combined with its commercial success, it is to be expected that others may seek to replicate aspects of its design.
As a leading imaging innovator, KaVo Kerr understands that innovation is a key aspect of treating patients better. We will therefore continue to invest in innovation and to protect our intellectual property rights so that we may deliver game-changing technologies like the Nomad to our customers and their patients.”

NOMAD Pro 2™ is lightweight, rechargeable (battery-powered), and can go anywhere. Dental professionals around the world have rapidly chosen the NOMAD as their preferred X-ray device, both in and out of the office, with more than 25,000 NOMADs now in use. The NOMAD Pro 2 is changing the way dental practices are taking intraoral images. It offers measurable improvements in efficiencies over wall-mount units, lowers equipment costs across multiple operatories and provides a better patient experience.

The NOMAD product family has received many awards recognizing the breakthrough innovation of the device. Notable achievements include the Edison Awards for all three of the dental devices NOMAD Dental, NOMAD Pro, and NOMAD Pro 2.

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