Water Works- KaVo Kerr Teams up to Create Water Filtration Systems

Nearly 1 billion people worldwide have no access to safe drinking water. In the spirit of fulfilling Our Shared Purpose— "Helping Realize Life's Potential" (and trying their hand at Hach's well known solutions) several KaVo Kerr associates participated in a truly unique team building opportunity to get involved with a worthwhile cause by partnering  with the Helping Hands Water Works Program. Associates built and donated water filtration kits that will effectively increase the health and well-being of an entire community in Africa. These filtration kits will specifically be used within the Village of Rwene, Kamwenge district, Uganda for environmental or humanitarian emergencies (floods or other natural disasters).

During the event, teams of about 7-8 people worked collaboratively to assemble a completely functional water filtration unit. Communication was key for success and a bit of friendly competition amongst the teams made for a lively and entertaining morning.

After the filtration systems were built, each team was tasked to work together to create a piece of artwork. The artwork, which has a unique "story number," identifies the specific filtration system each group has assembled. Each story number enables participants to track the progress of their gift across the world. Once the families receive the water filtration units, they will take a picture with the artwork, so we can see exactly who received the gift!

At the end of the event, the facilitators shared a video of some of the past recipients of the water filtration systems, showing how happy they were to be able to have access to clean water.

"The video was so touching and reminded me of how much we take for granted when there are people who don't have access to one of the most basic of human needs," said Jimena Pena, HR Business Partner, KaVo Kerr. "I couldn't help but be filled with emotion knowing that what we had done in just two hours would make such a big difference in the lives of this community. Needless to say, this event was a big success and I can't wait to see the picture of the family who receives our donation."