Predictable Esthetics and Function 

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In this CE webinar, we will discuss all aspects of restorative dentistry including bonding, cementation, bulk fill composites, and how to get predictable anterior esthetics. We will learn how choosing the correct bonding systems and materials will make you work more efficiently, reduce post op sensitivity, and produce quality long lasting restorations. We will also discuss how to diagnose and treat more cosmetic cases using Dr. Harris's step by step Patient Discovery treatment planning process.

Upon completion of this CE webinar, the student will

  • Understand why choosing the right bonding agent and cement is crucial to both the clinical and financial success of the business, and how it makes you a better clinician in the patient’s eyes
  • Better understand bulk fill composites and why Sonicfill technology is becoming so popular
  • Learn how to improve anterior esthetics using Harmonize composite resin and understand why this new composite technology makes handling and color matching so much easier
  • Learn Dr. Harris's Patient Discovery treatment planning strategy and increase the number of smile design cases in your practice
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