Radiation, Anesthesia & Pain Free Dentistry

Jun 21, 2019
(8:00am - 1:01pm)
New Orleans Metairie Marriott Metairie at Lakeway
3838 N Causeway Blvd
Metairie, LA 70072
United States
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Course Description
Today’s dental marketplace is more difficult than ever before. This lecture has been
created to move your practice to the forefront of your community and improve your
business’ success. Diagnostic technology is available today that is non-ionizing and
more accurate than traditional radiographs in finding tooth decay. To find tooth decay
earlier for your patients allows you to be less invasive, place smaller easier to fill
restorations, and better longevity of restorations. In addition to finding more and
being less invasive, using CO2 lasers can greatly reduce the need for anesthesia for
cavity preps.  You want your business to standout, and people to be talking about your
dental office? You need to see how impactful this diagnostic and restorative
presentation can be for you, your patients and your business. We look forward to
sharing this technology with you.

Learning Objectives
1) Learn the latest diagnostic technology for better dental care
2) Discuss early detection of tooth decay that could lead to less invasive
restorative dentistry
3) Understand key factors leading to improved patient care and better business

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