The Secret Lives of Biofilms

Presented by:
Jun 21, 2018
(2:00pm - 5:00pm)
6000 W. Osceola Parkway
Room: SUN A
Kissimmee, FL 34746
United States
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Microbial biofilms are interesting and important! Understanding biofilms leads to better management and control of human and animal health and disease. Biofilms are vital to life, and also may be an important source of disease and contamination in fluids, equipment, and natural or built environments. This lecture explores methods, strategies and products to prevent, remove and manage unwanted biofilms in dental buildings and equipment, and addresses biofilm infections of dental relevance.

Learning objectives:
Participants will be able to:

  • understand the microbial and physical nature of biofilms.
  • identify known risks and benefits of biofilms in various settings.
  • discuss biofilm diseases.
  • apply strategies to manage dental office reservoirs for biofilms.
  • find resources and products to continue learning about biofilms.



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