SONICFILL 3: Making Posterior Composites Fast, Easy & Predictable

Presented by:
Jul 12, 2019
(8:30am - 12:30pm)
Renaissance Atlanta Airport Gateway Hotel
2081 Convention Center Concourse
Atlanta, GA 30337
United States
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This event has been cancelled. If you have any questions, please contact the event planner directly.

Course Description:Posterior composite resin restorations have become mainstream. These restorations
seal teeth, reinforce remaining tooth structure, allow conservative preparations and
satisfy patient desires for natural appearance. However, dentists complain that Class
II composite restorations are tedious, time consuming, somewhat complicated, and
aren’t always predictable. In addition, clinicians can sometimes be confused by the
vast choice of adhesives in the marketplace all claiming to be the best and report
frustration whenever a Class II contact is to light or missed altogether.

In this presentation, Dr. Jackson will show a greatly simplified and efficient procedure
for placing posterior composite restorations based on new materials and technology.
The predictable, standardized protocol will clearly show a significant reduction in both
time and effort when placing these restorations.

Additional topics covered include:
• Matricing – achieving proper contacts everytime
• Understanding Adhesives and Adhesion – optimizing results
• Total adaptation, total fill – in seconds
Following the lecture, participants will have the opportunity to place a Class II composite restoration using SonicFill™ (KaVo Kerr). Dentists will discover that this system delivers a fast, easy and efficient single fill aesthetic restoration with high density and adaptation.
Learning Objectives:1) To examine current matricing techniques that insure quality contacts
2) To understand Adhesion – making the right choice and doing it right
3) To achieve time savings without compromise, using bulk fill composite technology

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