Tips, Tricks and Technology to Allow Restorative Success

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Feb 14, 2020
(9:00am - 9:00am)
Crosstown/Church Health Center
1350 Concourse Ave.
3rd Floor
Memphis, TN 38104
United States
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Course Description
This course will focus on elevating everyday restorative dentistry, so that our patients receive a high level of care in a predictable and efficient manner. The course will educate the participant on leveraging new diagnostic technologies to educate the patient and utilize new age materials to deliver seamless
restorations. An emphasis will be placed on the efficient placement of multiple posterior composites as well as conservative smile enhancement utilizing direct resin. Participants will also be exposed to strategies that garner patient buy in for smile enhancement. Participants should feel comfortable knowing that a number of strategies and technologies will be presented that require minimal to capital outlay.

To condense, at that point, the writing audited here uncovers a few issues that college staff may discover helpful to think about when trying to make what students will probably depict as a steady, positive first-year experience. Conveyance mode, educational methodologies, staff-student collaborations, appraisal and a general feeling of connectedness and having a place have all been connected to student commitment and maintenance. This equivalent writing, in any case, likewise features different discoveries from examinations of investigation into the main year experience that have molded the writing this article. To begin with, as noted in the presentation, there is chance to pay someone to write your paper and help you with a broad and developing attention to the potential for students and staff to peruse college ordered student-achievement activities in an unexpected way. In this unique situation, it is significant not to peruse the long history of research and strategy advancements as proof that we have tackled the issue of first-year progress, and are presently basically executing what we have realized and reporting our triumphs. Or maybe, we contend that, in a period of fast social and mechanical change, on the off chance that we try to push first-year grant ahead we should be happy to archive what really happens when various associates of students are offered specific types of help and how they understand, or esteem, what they experience.


Learning Objectives
At the conclusion of the course participants will:
- Understand new age diagnostic technologies
- Be exposed to smile enhancement strategies
- Be exposed to efficient placement of posterior composites, utilizing innovative matrixing, techniques
- Understand how to efficiently and conservatively restore an anterior diastema
- Understand how to efficiently and conservatively restore fractured anterior teeth

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